Packaging Materials and Packaging

We offer our clients the ideal packaging solutions, but also the improvement of the packaging already in place, whether for the reduction of packaging time or financial saving. We offer protective solutions to your products when transporting and handling, and we also offer packaging, repacking and controlling your products.

We focus on projects and products where large companies cannot offer fast delivery and solve the problem of JUST IN TIME.

These are the basic materials we offer:

Cardboard retrers of various formats and fortresses used to fortification the pallet pack when stored on each other.

Klopové boxes of various shapes and fortresses, unlimited use with the possibility of printing. Material of 3vI, 5vI, 7vI cardboard.

Paper protective corners of various dimensions and sleeves to protect the edges of products and packaging.

Paper U-profiles of different widths and heights, serve to protect the complete edge.

Paper cavity of various lengths, rattles and diameters used to pack products and have a protective function.

Paper wax-Various shapes, thicknesses to fill the gaps in the package.

Cardboard crates of various dimensions and structures for manual folding or pre-glued.

Guides, brochures, stickers, labels, large-scale printing.

Cakes, sacks, foils of different sizes and possibilities of closure.


Bonding of cartons, boxes of different dimensions. We use the bonding gun to glue each type of carton because of the strength and aesthetic appearance of the final packaging.

The sealing of the cakes using impulse welders is the use of a smaller number of packages, but especially when packing, where it is necessary to pack more components in one of the cakes, which must be separate from each other.

Closing of the scones using continuous welders is the most commonly used sealing package where the weld is 100%. In this pack, we also know that the cakes can be suppressed with the packaging code or date.

We use shrink for individual packaging after batches, where the products must be protected or have been packaged for different things, so we can ensure their connection.

The blister offers a better strength, a nicer look and the possibility of describing the packaged product and placing it directly on sale.

Material description. With a special printer, we can apply different descriptions or high-resolution characters to any material. When using a conveyor belt, we can guarantee a high speed of printing.

Print labels. We can label each product separately, by code, character, serial number or other specified values from the client.

We offer checkweighing by agreement with the client in a package containing a number of pieces where the package could be misfilled. For incomplete packaging, the weight is indicated by changing the colour and the sound signal. The package will then be discussed and checked.


Clients can also contact us in the development of a tailor-made package, which is always flexible and we will find a suitable solution for the product. Such as:

Solution and complement for automatic line

Material used:

Bubble Carton-Plastic 10, 4mm (carved on milling and printed screen printing)

Tailor-made foam reinforcement with 3M double-sided tape + plastic drilling for 100% hold

Plastic handles made on a 3D printer

Box for Automotive

Replacement of the plastic box-supplied as a complement (box, inside, palette)

Size: 1200 x 1000 x 950 mm. Load capacity: 200 kg

Split folders as needed. Detachable front lid

Stackability 1 + 1 + 1 (by weight)

Supplied with pallet (paper pallet option) + attachment to pallet.

Customizing according to client requirements

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Paper Pallets

The paper pallets are the ecological variant of pallets with the same capacity. The palette consists of the surface of the palette, the cavity and the packaging of the cavity. We also offer the possibility of custom printing.

Our paper palette has been tested and certified.


Cost savings of 50%

The difference in weight of the Euro palette and the paper pallet is approx. 11kg

Disposing of a palette as a regular paper

Maximum load capacity 1400 kg +
Pallet weight from 2 kg + thanks to save shipping costs
Suitable for displacement by cylindrical systems
Suitable for rack systems
100% Manual Completion
Completely recyclable and gentle to nature


Pallet surface size According to client requirements

Pallet Surface: Wax, 7-ply cardboard or 5-ply cardboard with strength according to needs

Feet height from 50mm to 250mm

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